"I have been using Tri Nature products all over my house for a while now and love them. In particular I love them in my kitchen from the dishwashing liquid which safely cleans and doesn’t dry my hands out; to the dishwashing powder which cleans brilliantly and you need such a little amount that it is much cheaper than the store bought dishwasher cubes that are probably full of chemicals; to the multi purpose cleaner that has my bench and stove tops sparkling clean. I also love the fact that I can buy my favourite products in bulk size which saves me money in the long run and I can just fill up my smaller pump/spray bottles as needed."

Rae - Customer

"I have used the Tri Nature Blitz on many things around the house an have found it amazing. Today i tried it on the filters on an old aircon and the result was truly amazing. Check photos."

Linda - Customer

"Excellent products....work beyond expectation"

Tina - Customer

"Sphagnum Moss Spray is the best. Love it for everything especially good to spray in kids lunch boxes, disinfects and gets rid of that terrible banana/ apple smell."

Anon - Customer

"Quickest n easiest bathroom clean ive ever done. The descaler worked a treat on the glass n the excel bathroom cleaner was just as good. Thumbs up"

Addie - Customer

"It was the night before I headed to Kalgoorlie for the races and I discovered my silver necklace was tarnished! No jewellery cleaner- what could I use?! Tried a little bit of tri nature’s cream cleanser and voila! Beautiful and shiny jewellery once again"

Jody - Customer

"The best products and the best service! Cannot recommend highly enough! Accidentally ran out of the citrus orchard body wash on the holidays and had to buy an emergency "store" brand...I used to love it but now I find it slimy and it doesn't make me feel as clean! (Or smell as nice!)"

Jeanette - Customer

"Super impressed with this oven cleaner!! Can't remember the last time it was cleaned!!! Luke came home and said "oh s*#t!!!!!"

Stacey - Customer

"Having sensitive skin, i often find it hard to find products that don't irritate. After using the shampoo and conditioner just twice....I'm already feeling the difference!! Ps i loved the opportunity to use the trial pack and cannot wait to start using more products"

Suzanne - Customer

"I am new to Tri nature products, but what I have used so far has left me rather impressed! I don't think I have ever seen my bathroom so shinny and clean and not to mention how sanitising and fresh it smells. And all with little effort! Looking forward to seeing what other products are available :)"

Martine - Customer

"Wow i love the smelly sprays that seem to linger around for quite awhile 5* and pick up some oven cleaner and after spraying it as soon as i got home and then went out to feed calfs i comes back to a Brown floor thats where my oven door is and a cleaner oven and no scrubbing."

Tanya - Customer

"Lillybelle's eczma is a lot Better after just 4 days of switching from goat milk baby wash to the Trinature kids watermelon wash. Delighted with the result!!"

Rachel - Customer

"So happy with the products I have used. Love the washing powder, it just lasts forever, the bathroom gel does a great job on the shower and the oven cleaner is brilliant!"

Mel - Customer

"Joint and Muscle Rub I love it!! It works well and has even given relief to my psoriasis on my foot - at least I think so! Great product for the shoulders the knees and all the aches I have"  

Julie-Anne Customer

"Wow worked a treat on shower glass, our water is so hard and calcium build up is horrendous...this just cut through it."

Pippa - Customer

"Only bath wash we use I purchased this baby bath wash when I was pregnant, my daughter is now 1 and it is the only wash we use on her. It's gentle on her skin, smells beautiful and I am able to wash her body, face and hair with it. I also don't have to worry about it stinging her eyes, because it doesn't!"

Sonja - Customer

"I particularly like the oven cleaner, descaler and washing powder these products work a treat and suits my very sensitive skin"

Jessie - Customer

"I have been using Tri Nature for quiet a while now & love the thought of using natural products.The body wash is unreal for us stops our skin from itching & also stops the soap scum on the shower so aids in the cleaning too.I am very happy with all the other products I have used also .........Shampoo/conditioner ,oven cleaner etc.have the face creams to try now .Recommend that you try sure you won't be sorry"

Iris - Customer

"I like to be able to "smell" clean. I've tried various natural products in the past but have found that they don't smell or foam/lather like I would like them to. Tri Nature products work like any other non-natural product, BUT without the toxins we're filling up our homes with these days. Love the hand wash, all-purpose eucalyptus cleaner and fabric softener in particular..."

Angela - Customer

"This is a great product, love the smell and it doesn't seem to dry out my hands.. Highly recommend"

Merlene - Customer