Tri Nature Loyalty Membership

I would love to explain how I make an income with Tri Nature. While making an income was never my intention when I became a consultant, I loved the products so much and I loved sharing them, an income allows me to travel to markets and share the products. I am proud of the the level of customer service I provide as well as the tools like my website and free delivery options.

My business grows through word of mouth and my customers sharing the products with friends and family. One of the ways for those who don’t live near me can purchase is through my affiliate link with Tri Nature. Some of you may or may not know of the Tri Nature Loyalty membership that is available.

It is free to join- the difference is you order from the Tri Nature website – and log in using your own email address and password. You receive 5% off your order when you order from the loyalty site – Tri Nature does not offer free shipping at any time nor do they offer any assistance with the ongoing costs and maintenance of my website – so the cost of running this site is completely mine hence why I appreciate you ordering this way If you choose to become a Loyalty member with Tri Nature, please add me as your consultant. This way I get recognition from the company, I am still able to help you with your orders or any questions you have and it keeps me in business If anyone is interested in joining please CLICK HERE and when prompted add my name – Dana Fairhead or my membership number 600890
I would be very grateful if you can remember to do this. Alternatively flick me an email with your details and I can do it for you!

Unfortunately Tri Nature do not have the time to find out how every customer has been introduced to the products when someone purchases directly off their website. Therefore if I am not mentioned on the first order, you become a Tri Nature customer and not mine. This is upsetting for me as I spend a lot of time, effort and money into promoting Tri Nature to the public – This is the same for Full memberships – Unless you state who introduced you to the products then the membership will fall directly under head office – I’m glad they are buying the products but all the hard work I put into introducing them is taken away instantly and I don’t get the recognition from the company.

I thank you in advance